Popular Indonesian Food Recipes

Want to try various Indonesian recipes?

Indonesian dish
Indonesian Dish

Indonesian recipes are very diverse. Often, the name of the cuisine is the same, but in different regions, the recipes are also different.

This time we chose 11 Indonesian recipes that are all delicious. You may try to practice it at home and may also modify it according to your family’s taste.

  1. Beef Rendang from West Sumatra
  2. Delicious Indonesian Fried Rice
  3. Delicious Chicken Satay
  4. Coto Makassar Recipe
  5. Gudeg From Jogjakarta
  6. Gado Gado/Salad Of Java Delicious Healthy Food
  7. Betawi Beef Soto Recipe, Simple and Delicious
  8. Bebek Betutu Recipe from Bali
  9. Empek Empek Palembang Recipe, Easy and Delicious

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